Brawler Vs. Jiu Jitsu… Man Vs. Woman… Who Wins?!

Brazil. It’s the home of street fighting. Jiu Jitsu thrives, as do most forms of mixed martial arts. There are gyms all across the country. In the video below we see a man in a fighting gym. By all accounts he been paired up with a female sparring partner. And he’s not happy about it. He claims women are inferior fighters and it’d be a waste of his time. She objects and offers to fight him…

He accepts the challenge. And decides to up the stakes. He bets the woman $500. He takes the bet. They get down to it. The dude can fight. But he’s more of a brawler. The girl? Damn, she can fight too. She’s more technical. He’s obvious bigger, she’s got skills.

It’s man vs. woman. Brawler vs. Jiu Jitsu? How does it go down? What do you think? Where’s your money? Who ya’ got?


Let’s go!