70 Year-Old Grandpa Takes On Juiced-Up Bodybuilder At Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling. It sorts the men from the boys. And the old men from the younger men, apparently. Who’s the best arm wrestler in the world? Someone with the biggest arms, right? Right. Well, actually… Wrong. Strength isn’t always obviously visible. Big gym arms covered in tattoos don’t necessarily pack the punch that lean, high-functioning muscles do. But you’ve gotta be young, right? Well, wrong again…

Not many 70 year-old men could enter an arm wrestling competition and DESTROY guys three times younger than them. But then the old dude you’re about to meet is no ordinary 70 year-old. This thick-armed old timer might look like your grandpa with his white hair, but underestimate him at your peril!

His opponent is a man mountain. But while strong, you’ve got to be wondering how much of that bulk is just juiced-up mass there to look big. You know how some bodybuilders get with these things. Anyway, check this out. It’s CRAZY!