The Olympic Gymnast Who Snapped His Leg Is Already Walking Again!

We brought you the horrific news yesterday of the French gymnast that snapped his leg so terribly at the Olympics.¬†Samir Ait Said landed badly from a vault jump on Saturday and broke his leg in the most stomach-churning way imaginable. But now? Just a few days later? He’s back up walking again.

It’s only tentative baby steps, but it’s remarkable. The work the Brazilian specialists have done on him must be truly incredible. He’s up and positive and even thinking about the next Olympics…

Gymnast Breaks Leg

The man’s upbeat too:¬†“Believe me the adventure of Tokyo 2020 is still possible. And as soon as I’m back on my feet I’ll be back in training and searching for that Olympic gold.”

This is great news. The dude looked FINISHED, didn’t he?

Gymnast Breaks Leg

Some more images:

And here he is recovering: