Ric Flair Reveals Epic Stories About Getting Drunk With André The Giant


André the Giant was a big boy. You’ll probably have noticed that if you’ve ever seen him wrestle or watched him in a movie. He came in at an incredible seven feet tall and weighed 540 lbs at his heaviest. Imagine trying to fight him…

Anyway, he was good pals with fellow wrestler Ric Flair and Nature Boy’s been reminiscing about their time together recently – specifically their drinking stories. André was a giant and he drank like one too…

Talking on ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Show, Flair revealed this: “I was with him one night at the Downtowner in Charlotte, in 1975. He drank 106 beers. And Frank Valois, his manager at that time, drank 56.”

“Hey, I’ve been on a plane, on a 747 with him going to Tokyo out of Chicago, on No. 4 on Northwest. We drank every bottle of vodka on the plane. 540 lbs, brother.”


Ric used to wingman for the big fella too… “Big Foot’s here and I’m with him too so if you’re taking him honey, I can get me a friend. Listen, I made sure they knew he was proportional, are you kidding? I think I wore a sign around my neck, ‘Want some, come get some’. Come on, take little Ricky with you too.”

It was a true friendship and it sounds like the pair had some fun times together. Ric’s always fun to listen to and any story about André the Giant is worth your attention…

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