She’s Scared At The Carnival. When The Ride Starts, HE’S The One To Watch!

In this hilarious video, you’ll see what happens when a dude tries to act all macho in front of his girl as they wait for the ride to start at the carnival. He’s all, ‘Hey, girl, there’s nothing to worry about. Just look at me. Do I look scared, huh? Nah, I ain’t scared. Trust me, girl, this is nothing. I do stuff like this all the time.” And then the ride starts and his reaction isn’t what you’d expect it to be. It turns out he’s not quite as cool a customer as he likes to act in front of his girl.

If her hilarious reaction to how he behaves on the ride is anything to go by, we doubt she’ll be trusting him in the future when it comes to him acting like the big tough guy. Way to go, dude. Talk about an epic relationship fail.