Brutal ‘Spinning Elbow’ Makes His Opponent’s Head EXPLODE!

Muy Thai. There’s a new kid in town. His name is Gaston Bolanos and he’s known as ‘The Dream Killer’. He’s currently smashing his way through the featherweight division and has recently been crowned “AXS TV Fights Rising Star”. But why is everyone getting so excited? Well, it’s not just because he’s a really top fighter. It’s his special move – ‘The Spinning Back Elbow’…

Here’s what the 21 year-old 21 year old is a two time South American Muay Thai Champion says about his patented move: “I’ve always been doing spinning back elbows. Since I’ve become a pro I’ve been doing them more and been slicker doing them. It’s more safe to throw them. Now that there’s no elbow pads, I can throw them with a little more damage, as well.”

Check out this highlights reel of Bolanos (which includes a whole bunch of incredible spinning back elbow KOs) and realize why people are calling him the Next Big Thing in fighting. We’d love to see this guy in the UFC!

Check this out for an epic explosion..