What Happens When A 273kg Sumo Fights A 76kg MMA Kickboxer? UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS!

273kg. vs. 76kg. Not much of a battle, is it? In a fight, there’s no way a tiny little guy is likely to topple a dude three times heavier than him, is there? Well, yeah – maybe there is. This is not street fight. This is a sanctioned fight in a ring. It’s a sumo wrestler vs a trained MMA fighter. Kinda.

And the fight goes the way of the wee man. In such a crazy way too. It’s definitely worth a watch. Especially if you want proof of the old adage, ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall’…

Emmanuel Yarbrough is one giant dude. He ain’t in great shape… And Daiju Takase is a tiny little fella.

Sumo MMA

So, here it is… 273kg. vs. 76kg. Emmanuel Yarbrough vs. Daiju Takase. Here it is: