Get Ready To Watch This Driver Pull Off The Most Thug Move Ever Seen…

Driving can be a dangerous business. And an annoying one, too. Aggressive drivers with road rage, not cutting you any slack – they grind our gears. But sometimes, both warring parties are to blame. And it looks that way in this Thug Life video compilation. One of the clips shows two drivers involved in a serious p*ssing competition. But there’s only one winner… The Born Thug!

Tracks in order:
0:26 Snoop Dogg – Nothin But a G Thang
0:33 RUN DMC – It’s Tricky
1:17 50 Cent – U Not Like Me
1:59 2Pac – Hit Em Up
2:21 Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta

Video in order:
0:08 My meat in your mouth
0:33 Break dance monkey
0:57 Road rage splash
1:40 Bryan Cranston visits your mum
2:17 Dog takes bath

Another fine Thug Life video compilation for your viewing pleasure… Enjoy.