Old-Time Thug Doesn’t Bat An Eyelid As a Crashing Car Flips Just Inches Past Him

If you’ve ever witnessed a car accident, you’ll know that they can be pretty terrifying things. Tonnes of metal smashing into things, it’s something to avoid. But the guy in the Thug Life video compilation you’re about to see? He couldn’t care less. He’s not going to bother even wincing as a crashing car whizzes by his face…


Tracks in order:
0:12 2Pac – Gangsta Party
0:33 Dr. Dre – F*ck You
1:02 Ice Cube – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
1:26 Ice Cube– You Know How We Do It
1:45 Jay Z – 99 Problems
2:20 Dr. Dre – Xxplosive

Video descriptions in order:
0:08 Granny Thug
0:26 Kid vs Hyena
0:58 Dog pushes chair
1:17 Moon Walker
1:38 Kid doesn’t like brother
2:04 Old guy doesn’t care

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