Vin Diesel Brags To Pals How He Would “Beat The Rock’s Ass” In A Fight

UFC champ Tyron Woodley has been asked previously who he’d back in a hypothetical fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel. He said the former. Well, Woodley’s now telling TMZ that Diesel’s called him out on his selection. And claimed that he would win that fight.

There’s said to be a fierce rivalry and secret bitter disputes between the xXx star and the former wrestler. They claim – in front of the cameras – to be buddies. But it’s an open secret that they don’t like each other. And both seem to think they’d win in a fight with the other guy.

Us? We’re gonna go right ahead and back Dwayne Johnson here. Because, well, he’d win, right? We mean, honestly… Other than Vin and perhaps his momma, who’d really back him?!

The Rock Vin Diesel

The hatred is real, too. Remember when Johnson posted this rage post on his Facebook where he seems to throws shade Vin’s way?
Anyway, here’s what Tyron Woodley told TMZ Sports about what Vin Diesel told him…