Tom Hardy Chases Down, Tackles And Performs Citizen’s Arrest On Scooter Thief

The Dark Knight Rises, Warrior, Taboo, Bronson, The Drop… When we see Brit actor Tom Hardy on our screens, we’re used to him being a rough, tough sort of guy. And, well, it turns out that he might be a bit of a dude in real life too. Judging by his recent exploits in London, anyway.

He saw a thief steal a moped/scooter thing and took off after the guy. His pursuit made the dude stack his stolen ride and attempt to escape on foot. Hardy caught up to him and performed a citizen’s arrest on him…

An eyewitness, Arun, told the media this about what he saw:

“This little sh*t nicked something and now he’s got himself a broken leg. Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious.”

“I asked Tom what happened and he told me he chased him through my back garden and caught him around the block – but the route was like an assault course. It was like he’d switched to superhero mode in an action movie.”

Tom Hardy

“Tom Hardy’s clearly not a man you’d mess with. I think he even checked the kid’s ID before cops took over.”

Apparently, Hardy then told the people watching what he’d done. In typically blunt British terms. “I caught the c**t,” he said.

Here’s a little extra on the story from Piers Morgan as he reviews the British newspapers…