Ref Doesn’t Believe Fighter’s Out Cold, Fighter On Top Does The Unthinkable To Prove It

Being a referee isn’t easy in any sport. There are lots of different ways of judging a contest and interpreting the laws. And whatever you decide to do, you’re always likely to annoy someone. But only in MMA are the participants lives in your hands… If you decide not to end a fight when you should, it could prove fatal…

Here’s a sensational clip from a Bellator fight between a fighter called Chad George and a guy named Mark Vorgeas. George used a Von Flue Choke on his opponent and chokes him out. The ref doesn’t recognise it though and keeps the fight going. George tells the ref – Milan Ayers – that Vorgeas is KO’d…

Even after George gets up and shouts over to Ayers “He’s out – Yes he is!”, the referee continues to¬†hesitate before finally making his mind up and declaring that the contest was over.

Von Flue Choke

This could have been a really nasty incident if George had decided to just punch Vorgeas until Ayers woke up and stopped the fight. But luckily, the winning fighter was a smart and quick thinking as he was compassionate.

Von Flue Choke

You don’t see something like this everyday… Check it out and see what you make of it. We love it!