Biggest Snake In The World Spotted At 195ft – Sighting Analyzed & Confirmed!

Snakes. They’re one of the most unusual and least understood creatures on earth. There are plenty of as-yet-undiscovered species, according to experts. The biggest? Well, the longest known snake ever was the Titanaboa, which was measured in at around 42 ft or about 13 meters in length. But perhaps giants snakes exist in The Congo in Africa. New evidence suggests that they do…

In fact, recent estimates seem to suggest that there’s a distinct possibility that snakes measuring up to 195ft might exist. Seriously. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But from eyewitness accounts and a leaked CIA document, some people are theorizing just that.

It all revolves around a fascinating sighting reported by an esteemed Air Force pilot back in the fifties, who had no reason to lie. Further fuel is added to the fire when the CIA become involved in the story. Check it out: