She’s Got The World’s Longest Tongue And She’ll Blow Your Mind

The world’s longest tongue. Can you imagine what it might look like, just how big it might be? We’re not sure you can. The reality is weird. It’s like seeing a human crossed with a snake or a chameleon. It’s unsettling. And it’s made all the more confusing by the fact that the owner of the world’s biggest tongue just so happens to be totally smoking…

20 year-oldĀ Gerkary Blanco from Florida isn’t shy about showing off her impressive mouth organ, either. And as she does, we find ourselves distracted – thinking terrible, terrible things.

It’s so long that she has no trouble licking her nose, her chin or even her elbow. And with a small amount of hand use, she can even lick her own damn eyeballs, ferchrissakes!

Biggest Tongue

Let’s start nice and easy with the nose…

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This thing is HUGE. *thinks things*

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We wonder if she’s single…

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This is INSANE.