Five Time World’s Strongest Man Lands The Hardest Punch In MMA History!

We’ve featured many UFC stories here at Thug Life Videos. The beauty of MMA is that there are few restrictions, which leads to some of the most exciting, and brutal, fights you’ve ever seen.

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a former strongman and current mixed martial artist. In his former life, he won 5 (FIVE!) World’s Strongest Man titles. He’s taken this brute strength into the ring, and is one of the most hard hitting fighters in the sport.

At the recent KSW 31, Pudzianowski came up against Rolles Gracie, a Brazilian MMA veteran with a limited record of success. The bout was over almost as soon as it began, with Pudzianowski dispatching Gracie with the hardest punch in MMA history.

Watch footage of the fight below. But perhaps mute the sound if you are of a weak disposition. The thud as he lands the punch really is something else!