Spoiled Brat Parks Brand New Mustang V6 Terribly; Claims She’s Allowed To Because Of Who She Is

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A dude’s in a parking lot when he spots what might just be the single worst piece of parking ever committed by a human being. A young young has seemingly abandoned her brand new Ford Mustang V6 in between a bunch of bays. It’s a disgrace. He decides to scold her for it. On video.

The girl’s got a good excuse though… She’s allowed to park terribly. Because of who she is. “You know who I am? You know who my family are…?” She barks at him.

She then reveals she’s from Michigan, after working out the dude filming her is a New Yorker. Then he gets all weird. “My nephew loves Michigan girls, look at you corn feed Michigan girl!” Whatever that means…

Bad Parking

Alright, so – the video title here claims that this is Eminem‘s daughter. It’s not Hailie. We know that much. Some people are saying it’s Slim Shady‘s stepdaughter, we don’t know.

To be fair to the guy who’s filming – sure he’s being a bit of a jackass about it – but it IS a pretty damn terrible parking job.

Eminem daughter parking

Anyway, see what you make of it…