Dude Gets Home Early To Find Girlfriend Asleep In Bed With Another Guy; Performs Hilarious Photoshoot


Damn! This is savage… On both the girl and the dude. The guy is Duston Holloway. He comes home early one day and finds his girlfriend asleep in bed. Nothing necessarily unusual about that, sure. Except there was a naked guy next to her. 🙁

Duston (his spelling, not ours), wasn’t happy. But he didn’t flip out. He fancied getting his revenge in a very different and interesting way. He took some photos. It was a very special ‘caught cheating photoshoot‘ and he posted it on Facebook where the snaps soon went viral.

He uploaded them along with this caption: ‘When you come home to another man in your bed with the one your love! Good men deserve good woman.’

Here goes…

Cheating Photoshoot

Cheating Photoshoot

Cheating Photoshoot