Motorcycle And Car Crash After Being Distracted By Twerking Girl

We’re not entirely sure the origin of this video, but it appears – and sounds like – it might well come from Russia or Eastern Europe somewhere. Anyway, in it, a couple of young girls are messing around. One’s dancing and the other’s filming. The dancer is trying out some new twerking moves…

Soon? It goes wrong. Very wrong. Not for the girl. Her routine stacks up fine. But for some traffic. A motorcycle presumably becomes distracted by her butt-tastic wiggling and head straight into a car in front of him. Causing a spectacular crash.

When the video was originally uploaded online, it came with the following caption: “The driver was distracted by the dancing girl. Biker‘s alive with fracture of the pelvis and an open fracture of the leg.”

So the dude’s okay. Which is good news.


Alright, here’s the clip. Wishing the dude a speedy recovery and hoping the girl’s wises up and stops trying to tempt drivers to crash into each other… Check it out: