This Dude’s Flying His Very Own Homemade Hoverbike And It’s As Cool As It Is Dangerous

We all know that we’re living in the future, don’t we? We’ve seen enough crazy futuristic technology become a reality recently. We’ve even surpassed the time in which Back to the future was set. And now? We introduce to you this… The hoverbike! Alright, alright, this thing isn’t commercially available and if it was? Well, ain’t that many people about that’d rush to buy one. But for a homemade effort? We think this dude’s done pretty damn well indeed.

His name is Colin Furze and he’s a plumber from Britain. You might’ve seen him before – the guy’s made plenty of weird and wonderful things in his shed. Which is all pretty slick considering he’s no engineer. And his latest? Maybe his coolest yet.

Ford challenged him to see if he could create his very own hoverbike using his patented ‘#Unlearn’ style of coming up with stuff. Check out how he got on…