The Flat-Out Destructiveness Of These Crazy GLASS Shotgun Slugs Is Immense!

Isn’t it a bit of bummer, as a shooter, when your victims die but you still feel that real burning desire to make them die just that little bit more…? Well, fret no more! The answer is here. Shotgun shells only kill people a little bit dead. But GLASS shotgun slugs with nails in them? Well, they kill your target stone cold dead instantly a hundred times over.

How do we know? Well, some prototype ones were made for Taofleudermaus‘ YouTube channel and he tested them out. And they kicked some serious a*s. First up a clay target was utterly destroyed. Then very light work was made of ‘Doug’ the dummy, a crash test-looking fella with a Level 3 Kevlar Bullet-Proof Vest on.

One of them even ruins a lawnmower engine. These slugs are not playing games. And are NOT to be underestimated.

Glass Shotgun Slugs

Look at the sheer size of the things!

Glass Shotgun Slugs

This is just in case, y’know, people don’t think that normal bullets are effective enough… Hmmm.

Glass Shotgun Slugs

These things are off-the-chart insane. Try not to get shot by one of them, alright…?