How Many Fire Extinguishers Do You Think A S&W 500 Magnum Can Shoot Through?

Everybody knows that the Smith & Wesson Magnum is the daddy of all handguns. Dirty Harry made it iconic when he threatened to make some punks day with one back in the seventies. And these hand cannons are still a respected force to be reckoned with all these years later. But just how powerful are they exactly? Well, someone needs to come up with a test. Preferably an awesome one… Luckily, a guy calling himself 22plinkster already has.

He’s testing his S&W 500 Magnum’s sheer brute power by seeing how many fire extinguishers it can shoot through. Charged and lined up, the bullet’s got to penetrate through the metal to count. And the amount? Well, you might just be surprised!

Find out why everyone loves a Magnum right here in this amazing demonstration of power. This is a gun seriously flexing its muscles…