Someone Should’ve Told This Kid That The Monkey Was a THUG Monkey!

We’re pretty arrogant as human beings. We think that, just because we’re top of the food chain, we’re the superior species. But that’s all depending on how you look at things. And we look at them as humans. Maybe sharks think they’re the best. Maybe wolves say they’re top dogs. It’s not like animals haven’t got spirit. There’s plenty of Thug Life in the animal kingdom, after all…

Recognize the tracks in this collection? Can’t place them? Here’s the list:
0:02 Simon says – Pharoahe Monch
0:25 Here comes the boom – Nelly
0:50 Move b*tch – Ludacris
1:20 F*ck tha police – N.W.A.
1:40 If i can’t – 50 Cent
2:13 Let me blow ya mind – Gwen Stefani

Here’s exactly what you can expect from this latest collection:
0:01 Monkey karate kid
0:23 Bull knock out
0:50 Pinguin B*tch slap
1:06 Stealing racoon thug
1:30 Horse head shot
1:57 Don’t touch me

Animals living the Thug Life. You better believe it’s true. Check it out: