Meet The 62 Year-Old Sniper Who Has Killed 173 ISIS Terrorists

Abu Tahseen doesn’t like ISIS. In fact, he dislikes them so much he’s decided to dedicate his life to killing them. He’s joined something called ‘The Popular Mobilization Units’ as an enthusiastic volunteer to defend his home country of Iraq from the so-called Islamic State. Abu’s a sniper. And a damn good one. A veteran of five armed conflicts, he claims to have killed 173 ISIS fighters!

He is currently stationed in the Makhoul Mountains in North Baiji in Iraq. And the bad boy piece of kit that he uses to take down the Daesh terrorists in his native land? A Steyr HS .50 sniper rifle that has a range of almost one mile.

He’s come out and spoke to the media, so there’s no doubt that Abu is now near the top of ISIS’ hit list. But that doesn’t bother him. He’s not got time to be scared of them… He’s too busy picking ’em off!