Man Decides To Crack 80 Foot Whip. Instantly Regrets It!

This is Bryan Ropar. Bryan runs a YouTube channel called ‘Bryan Ropar’s World of Science and Engineering,’ where you can see him making machine guns out of soda bottles, trying to create lightning using copper pipes and a battery, and testing an air powered rocket cart.

Most of Bryan’s videos attract a modest couple of hundred views. However, his latest effort has seen him smash the TWO MILLION barrier. Why? Well, in the video, Bryan attempts to crack an 80 foot whip that he’s just made in his back garden. And let’s just say it didn’t go particularly well!

80 foot whip main

The video swiftly went viral, and folk from around the globe having been giving their opinions on Bry’s faux pas. Many have remarked upon Bryan’s eerie resemblance, both physically and vocally, to Kip from the 2004 cult movie, Napoleon Dynamite. And we can easily imagine Kip making a 80 foot whip too!

Watch the video below. And make sure that you have the sound turned up!