Dude Gets A Visit From His Side Chick While He’s In Hospital… With His Girlfriend!

This is funny. The guy in the clip below gets caught cheating. And in a big way. He gets sick and finds himself in hospital. Naturally, his friends and girlfriend come to visit him. But so does his side chick. And all at the same time…

Oh yeah. This sh*t goes WRONG. Still, karma’s a bitch, huh?

He can’t have been that fussed about it all, though. The dude got his pal to video the carnage and he even stuck it up on his Instagram page. With this caption:

‘When you the Goat & yo babies show up to the hospital to check on u all at once sumn bound to go down ??? #HospitalBae’

Side Chick Hospital

Ha! This sh*t goes south for him. And quickly. Check it out for yourself…