Forget Bucking Bronchos – A True Thug Rides The Bucking Rhino!

If you’ve ever been to a dive bar down south, you’ll have no doubt seen those bucking bronchos in the corner. They’re not as glamorous as you might think. It’s usually got some fat sweaty Texan drunk on it, bawling. There’s never the Jessica Simpson lookalike in denim cut-offs and an unbuttoned shirt saddling up.

Well, we’ve got some extreme bucking broncho action for you here in this collection of Thug Life videos. ‘Extreme’ because there’s no mechanical bull. This Thug uses a real life rhino!


Here are the tracks you’ll hear in this compilation:
0:04 Where The Hood At – DMX
0:32 X Gon Give It To Ya – DMX
1:03 Nuthin But a G Thang – Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg
1:31 Getto Jam – Domino
1:55 When We Ride On Our Enemies – 2Pac

And the Video descriptions in order for you:
0:01 Finish him!
0:20 Riding a rhino
0:59 Runaway Boat
1:22 Reporter Thug
1:37 Horse drifter

Settle ack, buckle up and enjoy some super-fine examples of the #ThugLife…