Guy In An Arizona Bar Breaks Out Epic Dr Dre Mash-Up On The Piano!

With the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton killing it at the box office at the moment, there’s no better time than now for us to stumble across a dude who plays Dr Dre songs on the piano in an Arizona bar.

Who need Bach, Mozart or Rachmaninoff? Step aside Elton John, Liberace and Chris Martin – the songs people wanna hear are tracks like Still D.R.E and What’s the Difference? And they sound damn good! Why don’t we ever hear anything like this when we’re in a bar?

Straight Outta Scottsdale. Check it out:

Dre’s back catalog is ripe for reimagining. The Muppets took on Express Yourself recently. You’e gotta check it out…