Billionaire Offers $180m To Any Dude Willing To Marry His Daughter… Any Takers???

Cecil Chao has an offer for you: Would you like to marry his smoking hot daughter? She’s young, beautiful and highly intelligent. Not convinced? Okay, well, Chairman Chao is happy to sweeten the deal a little. He’ll throw in $180m! Now what do you think? Yeah. Thought so.

Trouble is, Gigi Chao is already married. And that’s not the biggest drawback. She’s married to a WOMAN! That’s right, the daughter of the owner of Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd is a lesbian. And her rich papa isn’t happy. so he’s offering the dowry to any man who can ‘turn’ her. Yeah. Best of luck, Cecil…

He may be a billionaire, but the Hong Kong man isn’t able to buy everything. She’s no shrinking violet or bisexual, either. Gigi is at the forefront of Hong Kong and China’s LGBT movements.

Gigi Chao
Gigi Chao (right)… Oh yeah – and her wife!

Would you be keen? Marry a hot Chinese girl for $180m?

We’ll leave you to mull it over. While you think, here’s more on the most unusual story…