Young Girl Who Dissed Her Own Mom On Dr. Phil Gets ‘Cashed Outside’ And Given A Whuppin’!

“Cash me outside – how bow dah!” It’s the new catchphrase on everyone’s lips and a huge meme right now. It comes from a thirteen year-old called called Danielle and her crazy performance on Dr. Phil‘s horribly exploitative sh*tshow of a TV program.

She’s getting a lot of grief online right now and it’s not hard to see why. Sure, she’s a bit of a hoodrat, but is it all her fault? Kid’s only a teenager – her parents must’ve failed her in some way.

Anyway, her aggressive appearance on Dr. Phil has come back to haunt her. She actually was ‘cashed outside’ recently as she was pulled out of a car by her hair and giving a bit of a whuppin’.

Cash Me Outside

Not been a good week or two for this girl, huh?

Cash Me Outside

Get that a*s pulled out the car “how bow dah”!

Cash Me Outside

Here’s the clip from Dr Phil…

And here she is getting ‘cashed outside’…