Here’s Why You Don’t Insult The Wife Of One Of The World’s Best Boxers…

After losing only his second fight in the middleweight division to wily old veteran Bernard Hopkins back in 2004, LA fighter Oscar De La Hoya took a twenty month break from boxing. On his return he was slated to fight Nicaraguan fighter Ricardo Mayorga.

The fight quickly got billed as a hate-filled rivalry. But unlike a lot of other hyped match-ups, there was actual animosity between the two. The trash-talking at the press conferences got pretty crazy.

Mayorga seemed personally offended by the manner of The Golden Boy’s defeat to Hopkins and called him out on it, even insulting his wife in doing so. Oh, and he called him a traitor to his race. And ‘a f*ggot’.

Naturally, Oscar wasn’t happy. And it took it out on Mayorga in the ring… With immense, almost unbelievable hand speed and a knockout Mike Tyson would’ve been proud of!

De La Hoya Vs. MayorgaMayorga had it coming.. He took It to a place where it should have never been taken and got his beat.#mayorga #goldenboy #oscardelahoya

Posted by Jdotcdoublee on Tuesday, 25 August 2015