44 Year-Old Drama Teacher Caught Performing ‘Intimate’ Act On 15 Year-Old Pupil In Locker Room

New Haven, Connecticut. A 44 year-old drama teacher has been arrested after being caught in the act with one of her pupils. Jennifer Frechette was found ‘performing an intimate act’ on the fifteen year-old on a yoga mat (complete with pillows and a blanket) by a pair of school security guards who heard weird noises coming from the locker room.

When confronted the boy ran away, but the teacher tried to stay clam and insist that nothing was happening. Her story was that the two were merely trying on costumes for an upcoming school play, but she soon broke down and admitted what had happened.

“What was I thinking?! I’m going to lose my job!” The guards reported that Frechette had said to them.


The (now former) Wilbur Cross High School employee now faces two counts of s*xual assault and two counts of ‘risking injury to a child’. She posted $100,00 and is no longer in custody. She awaits trial.

Here’s a local TV news report which tells more info on the sordid case: