Doctors Find Kid’s Missing Hamster Wedged Into The Folds Of His 700lb Mom’s Back Fat

Redding, California. News of a bizarre discovery made by doctors is going viral after it turn out that a HAMSTER was pulled from someone’s body. But this wasn’t an embarrassing Richard Gere-esque medical removal. It wasn’t a back passage the pet was pulled from – it was a back FOLD.

Morbidly obese Michelle Wiggins is housebound due to her size. She has a regular team of carers and medical professionals that look out for her. And after reporting a pain in her back, Dr. Timothy Murphy was sent to investigate. But it wasn’t a trapped nerve he discovered… It was a trapped hamster!

The family pet had been missing for some days and it turns out that Wiggins had sat on it and the poor animal had become trapped in the folds her skin.

Hamster found in fat

The hamster, named ‘Teddy Bear’, was still alive and the pain that Wiggins felt? Turned out to be the little critter trying to eat his way out.

Her five year-old son is sad to be extremely upset by the whole incident. “No child deserves to see something like that”, the doctor said.

Animal Services were not involved.