Fight Fan Disses Alvarez At Press Conference Much; Conor McGregor Loves It


November 12, New York City. UFC 205 is happening and it’s gonna be big. The line-up gets better and better and one of the main draws for fight fans? Eddie Alvarez Vs. Conor McGregor. Madison Square Garden will host the event and we can’t wait. But there’s still fun to be had before then. And it’s already started…

The first press conference was hilarious. The funniest part? When a dude from the audience stepped up to ask Alvarez a question, totally throwing shade at the man. Much to the Irishman’s delight… Here’s what he said:

“You say that Conor McGregor is not a championship fighter, he only has two-to-three rounds, yet in your professional career you’ve only been to the fifth round twice and lost one of them… What the f*ck are you talking about!? That’s the champ!”


Yeah, he’s the big man shouting this sh*t out from the crowd, but we’d love to see he try that to Alvarez’s face…