15 Times People Thought They’d Met A Celebrity But Really, REALLY Didn’t…

Meeting celebrities can be a lot of fun. Especially if they turn out to be cool. After all, no one wants to meet an idol and find out they’re a douchebag or anything.

But how do you know if the celeb is, well, legit? Well, you can’t be entirely sure, can you?  What we mean is – how do you know if it’s really them? We swear blind we saw Eddie Murphy once in Target. Turned out to be an old white chick.

We think we need our eyes looking at.

Anyway – here are fifteen awesome examples of what we mean…

Bruno Mars


Peter Dinklage


The Great Mr. Hulk (AKA Hulk Hogan)


Ed Sheeran




James Franco and Donnie Wahlberg


Tina Fey


Tom Cruise


Brandon Banks (check out the comment!)


President George W. Bush


Steve Jobs


Reese Witherspoon


Bill Murray


Maisie Williams


Dwight Howard

So there you have it. Celebs ain’t always legit…