Get Ready To Meet The Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Model Who’s Also A Top Muay Thai Fighter…

Gracie Carvalho is a talented lady. A top class international model since the aged of seventeen, she’s currently working for Victoria’s Secret. So, obviously, she’s beyond beautiful. But this lady has more going for her than her looks. She’s also a top class Muay Thai fighter!

Being a high end fashion model who jets across the world isn’t enough for this Brazilian beauty, she’s also looking to conquer the world of mixed martial arts

And we’re backing her to¬†succeed.

Gracie Carvalho

She really is something too… Check her out in all her modelling and fighting glory right here:

Swimsuit modelling…


Don’t mess with her, though!


Watch her in action:

And some more:

That trainer… Luck guy, huh?!