You’ll Recognize All These Gym Douchebags From When You Work Out…

The gym. Love it or hate it, we kinda need it to keep from looking like John Goodman. Working out’s okay if you can keep yourself to yourself. A home gym… That’s the thing you want. Away from other people.

Why? Well, just so many people in gym are just so, so stupid. It’s idiot central down the average workout place. Steroid abusers, showoffs, enormous thick-headed types with huge arms and tiny brains.

If you don’t go a lot, you might not know. But you’ll soon agree with us after you see this compilation of gym idiots. It’s a great collection, but it’s made all the better by the super funny commentary by Infinite Elgintensity.

Gym Fails

So, then. Gym fails. These things are funny enough in themselves. But the commentary really takes the clips over the edge here…

Check it out: