Bodybuilders’ Physiques Over the Past 125 Years – The SHOCKING Change!

The ideal of the perfect physique for men who like to be big and lift weights has changed quite dramatically over the years. And we can chart them quite nicely using iconic bodybuilders‘ physiques.

Throughout history, men have always pumped iron in some respect to get big muscles. But the sheer size and shape that was deemed ‘perfect’ always changes throughout the ages.

And once steroids came along? Well, things really got crazy in the world of bodybuilding.

See what we mean…

Eugen Sandow


This Prussian 19th Century strongman started it all. He was basically the first dude in the world to get ripped abs.

Charles Atlas


Atlas was famed for being the first internationally-renowned strongman and bodybuilder. He also invented the ‘Dramatic Tension System’.

John Grimek


America’s heavyweight weightlifting champion competed in the infamous Olympics of 1936 and wowed the wow with his look.

Steve Reeves


This former Mr. Universe was arguably the greatest bodybuilder of the pre-steroid era. Many people say now that he had the absolutely perfect look.

Larry Scott


Sixties icon Scott was only 5’7″, which made his huge 20″ arms look even mightier.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Not the biggest or best bodybuilder of his time, but certainly the most famous.

Dorian Yates


When steroids kicked in!

Ronnie Coleman


When steroids got CRAZY.

Steve Cook


Nowadays, it looks as though there’s a tendency to lean back towards a more normal look…

Except for guys like Rich Piana!