Angry Husband Takes Ultimate Revenge On Wife By Filling Her Car Full Of CEMENT!


Some people take things badly, don’t they? They hold a grudge and grind an axe. It’s a shame. Your life is a lot happy if you don’t carry around all that kind of grief and hatred all day, every day. Like the guy we’ve got for you here.

He’s decided that his wife’s wronged him. So he wants to get some revenge on her. Via her vehicle. But he doesn’t just slash a tire or key it. Oh no. He fills it with CEMENT.

The weirdest thing? His wife hadn’t cheated on him or even left him. Apparently what she had down was change her name without telling him. We don’t know where the guy’s from, but apparently that’s a bad enough thing to get all cementy with her car…

Car Filled With Cement

Dude’s crazy. Check out what he did…