The Kimbo Slice – Dada 5000 Fight Ends In The Funniest Way Possible!

This weekend’s Kimbo Slice Vs. Dada 5000 fight was one of the most highly anticipated in recent MMA history. However, it’s safe to say that it didn’t really live up to expectations. What unfolded was one of the oddest fights of all time.

Despite having six months to train, both fighters were exhausted after just a few punches. As the fight ticked on, the pair got more and more tired, and began to stumble around the cage as if they had just ran a marathon twice over! And it just got stranger, culminating in an appropriately hilarious ending.

UPDATE: It emerged last night that Dada 5000 (real name Dhafir Harris) was in a critical condition after his heart stopped beating. This was due to high levels of potassium in his bloodstream, a result of the 40lbs he lost to prepare for the fight. The good news is that he is now in a stable condition, and is expected to make a full recovery.

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