Lazy People Who Swear A Lot And Go To Bed Late Are Smarter Than Everyone Else

Are you lazy? Messy? With stuff everywhere, all over the place? Good! People probably give you cr*p about it, don’t they? About how untidy and thoughtless and feckless and good-for-nothing and bone idle you are. Well, maybe all that’s true. But it ain’t a bad thing. Why? Well, because it’s a symptom of being smart! Seriously, new research suggests that there’s a correlation between intelligence and laziness/messiness!

Not only that, but it gets better… Do you go to bed late? Stay up ’til the wee small hours reading, watching TV or whatever? Well, it appears that the same study suggests that there’s a link between staying up late and being bright too. Margaret Thatcher, President Obama, Charles Darwin, Elvis Presley and Winston Churchill all go to bed – or used to go to bed – late.

Oh, and feel free to swear while you’re at it too. your parents might not have liked it, but swearing’s good as well. As far as being a natural indicator of high brain function, anyway.


Great news, eh?!

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