Ludacris Has Ludicrously Fake CGI’d Abs In His New Video And Everyone’s Going Crazy Over Them

Ludacris has just unveiled his new music video. And it’s got people going CRAZY. Why? Well, it’s all about his abs… In the video for Ludacris’ Vitamin D (feat. Ty Dolla $ign), he shows off ‘his’ brand new abdominal muscles. Except they ain’t his. They’re fake!

The internet’s gone wild laughing about the quite obviously CGI’d abs, but given that the subject of the track is plastic surgery, you’d have to be a bit dumb to not get that it’s a joke.

We love it. Luda ALWAYS makes us laugh…

Ludacris Abs

Check ’em out!

Ludacris Abs

Here’s just one of the gags on Twitter about it all:

Luda’s in on the joke… See?

Here’s that video in full: