Soccer Player Hospitalized After Flare Explodes Right Underneath Him


It’s a high intensity French soccer clash between FC Metz and one of the country’s best teams, Lyon. Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes is down injured (well, it IS soccer…) and as he rolls around, an FC Metz supporter from the crowd throws a flare onto the pitch. It lands under Lopes and goes off…

He’s hurt. He’s immediately taken off, substituted and taken to hospital. The other players manage to move out of the way, but the Portuguese ‘keeper is not so lucky. He is rushed for emergency tests.

The game had been ill-tempered and the crowd were particularly badly behaved. The match was delayed several times as people throw coins and flares and debris onto the pitch and the game was eventually called off because of it.

Anthony Lopes

Good ol’ soccer hooligans, eh?!

Anthony Lopes

Lopes is doing okay, it wasn’t as serious as it first looked. But it could’ve been real nasty…

Anthony Lopes

Here’s the footage from the game which was broadcast live on French TV: