Things Got Crazy During This Wild 31-Second Long Fight

Looking back through the vaults of fight history, few bouts in any discipline, be it boxing, MMA or whatever stick in the mind for such a blistering start as the match-up you’re about to see. New York City, 2013. Glory 9. Kickboxing. Tyrone ‘The King of the Ring’ Sprong (74-7) took on Michael Duut (38-6).

A hugely intense staredown pre-fight set the tone for the most amazing flurry of punches after the bell rang. Dutt drops the heavy favorite Spong in mere seconds. But that’s not the end of it…

“I was p*ssed off,” Spong told reporters after the fight. “I wasn’t hurt bad, it was more of a slip, but he caught me with a good shot, no doubt about it. I was still sleeping a little bit in the first round. He gave me a wake-up call.”

How’s this for a start…? Incredible.