WATCH: When Mike Tyson Punked Floyd Mayweather With A ‘Punch’ Money’s Reaction Was UNREAL


When Mike Tyson feigns to punch you, you’re gonna sh*t yourself, aren’t you? Well, sure. Unless you’re Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, that is. When the two met at a boxing event, Iron Mike feigned to hit Money… And Money’s reaction? There was no reaction. He didn’t even move. He just smiled…

This was mostly in jest, but there has been some bad blood between the two. Mike Tyson was angry after Floyd Mayweather spoke trash about Muhammad Ali. ‘Money’ said he was better than Tyson’s number one idol and Mike was quick to say that he wished he could fight Mayweather.

Tyson later said that Manny Pacquiao was the better boxer, which riled up Mayweather some…

Tyson Mayweather

It’s all behind them now, but you’ve gotta hand it to Money… He doesn’t even flinch here!