The Story Of What Happened When Mike Tyson Caught Brad Pitt With His Wife Is Unreal!

Mike Tyson. The man’s led quite a life. The amount of stories and anecdotes he has? Unreal. After all, when you’re the youngest ever boxing Heavyweight champion, a millionaire, an actor and you’ve been to jail – you’re going to. We’ve heard about his ex-wife Robin Givens and what happened when he found about her and Wesley Snipes going on a date…

We even heard the story of when Chuck Norris hassled her. But it seems as though the celebrities attracted to Ms. Givens don’t end there. Ever heard about the time Tyson came home to find her getting intimate with Brad Pitt…? Well, you’re about to!

Tyson told the story on radio while promoting his speaking tour, The Undisputed Truth, a while back.

mike tyson brad pitt

Here he is telling Sway all about what went down that day…

He loves this story. Here’s another version of it: