Mike Tyson Tells Brilliant Story On How He Once Helped Tupac Get Into A Nightclub

They’re two of the biggest legends in American history. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and the late, great rapper Tupac Shakur are some of the best loved celebrities ever. And it turns out that the pair were great friends, right up until Shakur’s untimely death way back in 1996.

During an interview with “The Whoolywood Shuffle” recently, Iron Mike recounted a killer story about the time the two of them met and struck up an instant kinship. Tyson was kicking it in a swanky club with the owners when a young and unknown Tupac tried to get in with a huge entourage, but failed. So Tyson got him in.

Within the hours, Tyson days, “Tupac was on the mic, rockin’ the club. ‘Pac was dope that way.”