Unseen Video Of The New Miss Universe Being Shunned Turns Event Into EVEN BIGGER Shambles!


Miss Universe 2015. What a disaster. What was supposed to be a celebration of women turned into a war zone after it all descended into chaos. The reason? A mistake over who had won led the presenter, a certain Steve Harvey, to call out the wrong name. And it all went terribly wrong from there…

Once the mistake was rectified, and the real winner Miss Philippines – Pia Wurtzbach – was announced, the other girls turned on her!

Wow. Who would have thought that if you brought dozens of the world’s best-looking women together in a room, there’d be bitchiness, right…?! Anyway, here’s how the shunning went down. And it is COLD:

As we mentioned, the incident follows the shambolic announcement of who had won (or, well, y’know – NOT won…). Now we all love Steve Harvey on Family Feud, right? Right. but maybe he should stick to the day job. Watch him turn calling out the winner into an enormously cringeworthy sh*tshow right here: