Vengeful Mom Sets 7 Month-Old Daughter’€™s Alleged Molester ON FIRE

A parent will do anything to protect their child, right? Right. And 40 year-old Tatanysha Hedman has really proved that recently in Washington state. She caught a man, identified as Vincent Phillips, molesting her seven year-old daughter. And decided to get revenge.

Saying that ‘a bullet is too good for him’, she set FIRE to the man at a 7-Eleven. Philips, who also happens to be Ms. Hedman’s husband survived, but suffer bad burns. He was later arrested for his crimes in hospital.

“I’m on fire! Help me!” Philip was heard screaming as he burst into the store aflame. Medics arrived and, while treating Philips, he apparently screamed “my wife did it!” before he lost consciousness.

Hedman has been arrested for assault and arson charges. Bail has been set at $500,000.

Mom Sets Daughter'€™s Alleged Molester On Fire

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