Taking Down The Kids… Meet The Parents That Have Become Master Trolls!

We all think of the idea of getting trolled as purely something that happens to people on the internet. But it’s been going on for years, really. If you think about it. And some of our first experiences with offline trolling? Parents. Being embarrassed by Mom or Dad when your friends were round. We’ve all been there.

But it’s not just getting the baby photos out. Some parent’s trolling game is strong. Real strong. And here are some of the best examples from across the world. Some call it cruel, others funny.

Whatever your view – there’s little doubt. The parents came out the winners here!

C’mon – Ghostbusters 2 is a pretty slick movie. Rick Moranis is in it, ferchrissakes!

Trolling (1)


Subtle Back To The Future-based cake hinting from this mom.

Trolling (2)


DIY trolling. ‘DORK!’

Trolling (3)


Even Satan-worshiping rock stars’ dads can be embarrassing.

Trolling (4)


Well, Hollisters IS ridiculous. We’re with the old man here.

Trolling (5)


Great idea! Advanced trolling here.

Trolling (6)



Trolling (8)


Deep psychology.

Trolling (9)


Be careful what you ask for.

Trolling (10)


Very, very careful.

Trolling (11)

Parents 1 – Kids 0.