Ronda Rousey Confesses To Having As Much Bedroom Action As Possible Before Fights!

‘For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much s*x as possible before I fight…’ That’s what UFC champ and new action movie star Ronda Rousey just admitted to Showtime’s Jim Rome. And now that’s all we can think about.

There’s the commonly held belief among the boxing community that abstinence makes the fist grow fonder as boxers commonly avoid bedroom action before fights to ‘stay hungry’. Partly because there’s the thought process that it’s an outlet for testosterone and so you’ll have less when the fight comes around. Muhammad Ali famously used to abstain before fights.

But Ronda claims it can be healthy for female fighters – and maybe even male ones – to get it on before stepping into the ring. And, hey, who are we to argue with her?!

See what she said:

Okay, look – we haven’t got any videos of Ronda doing anything ‘before’ a fight… But you’ll have to make do with this. What she does IN the ring. Here are Ronda Rousey’s Top 10 Knockouts!